Let’s start with some tango music to put you in the mood!  The Argentinian mood, that is.

 Bienvenido  (welcome) to my blog about Buenos Aires.  I am a Chicagoan by birth and by choice,  and now I have made my second city Buenos Aires, Argentina.  I want to share my love of the city, its people, language, culture, food, music, life, history, art and politics, etc. with you.  Please subscribe to my blog to join the journey here.  I hope you’ll also consider hiring me to be your personal guide when you come to see the city in person!  I speak Spanish–with an Argentinian accent, no less!–and am familiar with cultural customs there as well as in the US.  I can show you the city on the budget you set, at your pace, and for your comfort. Questions about the climate? Looking for a hotel or apartment? Want to learn Spanish? See the Museums? Restaurants? Outdoor artists’ markets? I can take you there.  Or here!  Please let me know what you think of my blog and what questions I can help you answer.  Enjoy!

One response to “About

  1. Lisa

    I guarantee that if I ever get the opportunity to visit Buenos Aires I will hire you to help with all the arrangements. What fun! thanks for setting up this blog.

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